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Interviews about Customer Service and the Imitation of Christ







Making It Work (September 2021)




Connecting Faith and Work (September 2021)






Faith Work & Rest (November 2021)


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From Customer Service and the Imitation of Christ:

“If we’re serious about imitating Christ then we shouldn’t be satisfied thinking of ourselves as CSRs or computer programmers, attorneys or copy editors, realtors or police officers. We know that we’re infinitely more than the individual roles we play in society. All together, we’re the body of Christ. Through us – through all of us who profess him as Teacher, Savior, and Lord – Christ wants to bless and redeem the world. We must all do our part in every way we can, even on the job. Those of us who are CSRs are especially fortunate, for customer service work provides us with unique opportunities… Every phone call is a fresh chance for Christ to serve someone through us. And as we let that happen, the Kingdom of God advances.


“Maybe that sounds grandiose, but that’s the good news: that Christ knows us and has redeemed each of us individually and is calling all of us collectively to be agents of change in this world by the power of the Holy Spirit. If we take that mandate seriously, it will affect everything we do. Everything. Even our jobs. Even the job of customer service.”

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Free Sample

For a free sample of the first 5 chapters of Customer Service and the Imitation of Christ, click on this PDF.

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