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2 Telepathy Front Cover 6 x 9 Final 9.3.22.jpg
The Temporary Telepaths


It's not your ordinary Sci-Fi Rom-Com Courtroom Drama!

Attorney Vonda Sheffield is known throughout the galaxy as an advocate for the underdog. She has agreed to represent a race of slime against a planet that doesn't want them. Tony Lamont is opposing counsel. He’s smart, but Vonda is Phrenarian, a species respected for their superior intelligence. She identifies as human, however. She’s been running from her heritage her whole life.


It just caught up with her.


She has one week to become fully Phrenarian or she’ll shrivel up inside, but she doesn’t know how to do it because she flunked catechism. She must form a telepathic bond with one other person and learn the rules before time runs out.


Tony’s the only one who can help her. But they're both in bigger trouble than they realize, for Vonda has forgotten many things, and one of those secrets could get them both killed.

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Eminent Domain Cover (2).png
Eminent Domain


Carson Street is a close-knit neighborhood where everyone looks out for everyone else... until a TV production crew arrives, announcing that they must compete against each other on a new reality show called Eminent Domain. Only one house will be left standing when the show is over; all the others will be destroyed.

But they don't just have each other to worry about; they must also compete against Victor's Summit, the gated community towering over them on a nearby hilltop. Mysteries abound at Victor's Summit, and the residents of Carson Street soon learn that they have much more to fear than the loss of their homes.

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EarthRise Book front Cover B 12.31.21 copy.jpg
Small World


In a parable for these times, a journalist and a reclusive professor have ten days to find an alien named Basil or the world will be destroyed. A hand-held device gives them clues, but it’s in a language that only the professor can read, and the journalist doubts the professor’s sanity. Along the way, they must kidnap a Reality TV star, seek help from a female ex-convict with a mysterious past, and rely on a dysfunctional family of cloned geniuses, while staying one step ahead of journalists from competing networks, gangsters, and soldiers.


Kirkus Reviews calls Small World “a snide, witty, completely entertaining romp through human nature and all its foibles…. Johnson, a philosophy professor, has more up his sleeve than great writing and a funny, extremely readable story; readers will also have fun searching between the lines for deeper implications and references.”

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9-5 bookcoverimage-2-01-16-2.jpg
What Does God Do from 9 to 5?


"What role does God play in our lives while we're working?" That's the question that two young professionals, Dayton and Savannah, set out to answer. With the help of a unique discussion group led by Dr. Grizzled Mane, Philosopher-in-Residence at the Cathedral of Our Lord (C.O.O.L.), they begin to view the work world as a web of stories, with God acting as both observer and participant.

Along the way, they consider other questions:

*Is God interested in science, accounting, education, law, and other secular pursuits?
*Are we the product of our environment or of our genetic inheritance?
*Does God micromanage our lives?

This book will prompt you to think in new ways about your job and your life.

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bookcoverimage (1).jpg
Customer Service and the Imitation of Christ


An unemployed professor accepts a job in a customer service call center and embarks on a spiritual journey...

Do you find it hard to get good service when you call an 800 number? Written with humor and honesty, this book explains what's happening on the other end of the line. But it also offers solutions. The author appeals not only to customer service representatives (CSRs) but also to anyone who works with people. He shows how even the most mundane job can become an adventure if you practice the "Three-Way CSR Conversation" and let God serve others through you. He offers advice in dealing with “The Customer from Hell,” overcoming resistance from the back office, working under extreme time limits, and maintaining self-esteem when your every word is recorded and criticized.

You may never look at customer service the same way again.

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